Jean Claude Wouters, "Männliches Bildruss," unique gelatin print

Price: Upon Request
Period: 2006
Condition: Excellent
Height: 67 in.
Width: 49 1/2 in.
Count: 1
Materials: Unique Silver Gelatin Print, oil paint, graphite
Creator: creator

This impressive and large-scale unique gelatin silver print is by a Belgian-born Jean Claude Wouters. Titled, "Männliches Bildruss - VIII century bc," this imposing photography of a man's head shows how Wouters explores the medium to strip away materiality, leaving only the essence of the subject. Photography of such scale and size is rare and difficult to produce. Born and raised in Brussels, Jean Claude Wouters has been a dancer, filmmaker and artist from an early age. Wouters considers all of his endeavors to be artistic explorations of the human body and spirit. Wouters has shown internationally, including solo exhibitions in the Marunouchi Gallery in Tokyo, the Knott Gallery in Brussels, and The Empty Quarter Gallery in Dubai; and has been featured in various publications and journals, including the New York Times, Le Soir (Belgian newspaper), and the Japan Times.