"Man-Men 90," by Robert Hansen

Price: SOLD
Period: 1960
Condition: Very fine original condition. Some wear around the edges of the painting that would be unremarkable in a frame.
Height: 20"
Width: 24"
Count: 1
Materials: Duco automotive lacquer on masonite
Creator: Robert Hansen

This painting comes from Hansen's longstanding Man-Men series. The former Los Angeles art critic and curator Jules Langsner said of this series:
"Hansen's 'Man-Men' images are conceived as symbols of the enduring equation between Man and Mankind in an age of unprecedented change in the relation of Man to his surroundings. The validity of Hansen's symbols, of course, must be found in their existence in works of art, and in that context...the symbols spring into compelling life. These flattened and elongated "Man-Men" figures, positioned in expressive postures, inhabit the created world of Hansen's imagination, a world he succeeds in making accessible to us."